My Brother the President


Idea for a film


My brother the President is a drama-comedy about twin brothers, one that is very successful, will become the President and will end up being shot, and another that never achieved anything, did not finish his studies and is publicly declared a failure by the journalists investigating the President. The dichotomy is like the one in the movie Amadeus between Mozart and Saliery. A bitter story of jealousy and revenge by a man incapable of suffering how great his brother is, while his own personal failure is taking gigantic proportions.


The tone of the film is irony, sarcasm and bitterness. We see the film from the point of view of one twin witnessing from a young age how more intelligent and successful his brother is, and how bad his life is compared with him. At the same time he knows his brother well, he is not perfect, some of his secrets surely could destroy such a promising career? The more he does to stop his brother, the more known and successful his brother becomes.


Financial scandals, sexual assaults, drug addiction, nothing will stop his brother from becoming President. Until some of his policies become unpopular and he receives death threats. While the other brother tries to comfort his mother, at the same time he wishes that an assassination attempt will succeed. When it fails, he decides to take the matter in his own hands and succeeds in eliminating his brother.


All is well the next day, for the first time the twin brother feels a big weight has been lift off his shoulders. Suddenly journalists and police are there to arrest him. In a court case he pleas for his life, showing how justified he was to kill his own brother, how terrible a person he was, and that it was criminal to let him continue on his path of destruction. He will not have left his brother go down in history as a hero or one of the best ever President, as this was too much for him.


Then new evidences show that while the twin brother tried to kill his brother, he did not succeed. Another assassination attempt by a terrorist group was responsible for the death of the President. The film ends with the failure brother running for presidency after he served for a few months for his murdering attempt.


Roland Michel Tremblay