Slowing Time


by Roland Michel Tremblay



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Charles knows things he should not know. He feels he is not real and that all the reality surrounding him is an illusion. At night he can slow time down, and then, a whole new universe opens up to him. In there he can meet dead people, other weird souls from other worlds, and he can acquire knowledge that will never be known to the world for hundreds of years.


Charles is only 19, he lives in Isleworth in England. His experiences have brought him to the brink of insanity. For a while he and his family thought he had a serious mental illness. His brain would switch on, he says. It could last for weeks and months. In these periods, Charles is completely dysfunctional, but reasons like a genius. He can suddenly play piano like a virtuoso, he can tell you more about how to unite Relativity and Quantum Mechanics than any other theoretical physicists. He can tell you your past and your future. This is only the tip of the iceberg.


He does it by slowing time, he says. Vibrating at a different frequency. It gives him the chance to see the world differently, it gives him the chance to switch timelines, to change his reality.


His quest is to find out how he does acquire this knowledge which seems to appear out of nowhere. It is also to play down his abilities before he is brought before a panel of psychologists ready to dissect him. He is looking for the one person in the world who can understand him and help him. He will find him, but it is not everything he expected.


This simple crazy theoretical physicist living in Leicester, an inventor, is considered like a crackpot. He claims to have invented a machine that can help you travel in time. He also claims to not be of this time. He is looking for help to get back to 2056.


Charles does not know how to deal with this, however he has compassion since no one understands him. If he is not crazy, maybe Mr. Weber is not crazy either, or is he? He is certainly the only one capable of understanding him, the only other person on the planet who experienced even the beginning of what Charles has.


A friendship will form, where the established reality will be question to its limits. Can we travel in time? Can we acquire a knowledge known to no one without having done any research about it? Can we meet weird entities from other worlds? Can we build our own fantasy world, from which we can acquire knowledge and become a genius?


This is a fantastic film dealing with real issues. As long as you can prove you are a genius, then you are not a mental case ready for the asylum. It is a film about the means to get there. It is not a perfect science, there are draw backs, the source of the knowledge needs to be identified. And the receiver himself needs to be studied. How is it possible? How is genius created?



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