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Weíre in a small town of Arkansas where five women made of steel have decided





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I had an idea tonight. We could have a mentally ill person dreaming up that kind of universe I was discussing with you tonight, the primordial soup of electrons appearing in a blank space, and galaxies forming and finally dream up in ones mind some planet with people on it.


Actually, letís dream up a world that does not make any sense from what we already know. Our mentally ill person is schizophrenic suffering from hallucinations and cataleptic fits. He sees a doctor regularly to talk about his fits and hallucinations, his disconnected reality where not much makes sense.


But in his mind he has recurring dreams coming back, one with a weird disconnected universe with a single humanity in it, living perhaps in space without any need for spacesuits. They have built houses and stuff to be able to move and live in space, we will have to think of how such a civilization could live in space, and what technology they would have needed to invent to feed, drink, etc. Perhaps they donít need to feed or drink, perhaps their life is very different than ours in many ways. Imagination is the limit here.


However these people have developed their own philosophies, religion, and theoretical physics, and somehow found a way to contact their god, our mentally ill patient. And though he is now constantly in communication with them in dreams, it starts to impede on his life while he is awake. And somehow they will find a way to control their god, and make him do things he should not do as they understand better the real world in which we live. They hold him hostage, and have unreasonable demands for their god, they want our patient to create new stuff for them, new technology, new ways to explore the rest of the universe. And since nothing more has been thought of in our patientís mind apart from their world, they now want a real creation, like the one we have right now, so they can also explore and get out of where they are.


At some point it is destroying the mind of our schizophrenic patient, and after a major cataleptic fit or stroke, their world cease to exist for a while. Until our patient turns it back on when he gets back to normal. They understand that if they donít help their god to survive and get better, they will vanish forever. So they work with him to cure him and ultimately they donít, but return him to some normality.


By doing so, or perhaps by curing him, they seal their fate, as now our schizophrenic guy believes he dreamt up all this humanity and weird world, that it was just an illusion or hallucination in his own mind. He was just hearing voices. And so he decide to let them all die in some catastrophic event in order to find some closure and move on with his life.


Our humanity can now read his mind, his thought, can see what he sees in the real world, and so have to come to a compromise with our patient so they can survive. And then they find a solution. They create a real big universe filled with mysteries that our humanity will be able to explore in time. They come up with the idea of a relative time, so in a few seconds for our patient, they will have the time to live for millions of years.


They are moved to a planet and correct much of the big mistakes our mentally ill patient did while dreaming this disconnected world based on his distorted views of our actual reality. In essence, they will recreate the world we live in, and leave them on their own for millions of years, while for our mentally ill patient will now be able to move on and not give it another thought. He will be able to check them up sometimes, influence the world a bit (sending his son Jesus for example), but thatís it.


In essence the film shows how our humanity could have started just from the mind of a mentally ill patient living in a similar world than the world we live in. First an imperfect world that did not make much sense to anyone, but now recreated to look normal and logical, whilst helping our patient seeing the world he lives in as it really is (curing him).






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