Changing Timelines


(or your future)





Roland Michel Tremblay



Attempt at explaining how to change the future, the past and the present in order to have a better life and prospects. Can we change our future, can we change timelines by thought alone, are there some technology or processes that could help? Praying, hex, psychologists, psychic abilities and science views. What is the best way to change your timeline?




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Can we change the future?

The world of statistics and probabilities

Two possible ways to change the future

Seven ways or methods by which you can change your future

Hard work and radical life changing decisions you could take without hoping for any external help

Prayers, Chanting your way to success

Hex, Black Magic, Sorcerers, Rituals

Psychic Mediums

Psychologists, Spiritualists, Motivators, Training, Therapy, Changing your Life through feeling better

Technology, science fiction

The best way to change your future: just wish it, be convinced and it happens

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true

Is there a pay back time?

Correspondence with a successful timeline switcher





Can we change the future?


I was recently contacted by someone who claimed he could switch timelines in order to make his life better. He said he could change his past by concentration and some ritual involving memory, alcohol, a huge fight with someone for energy build up and certitude that his life had changed.


What would be your first reaction to that? You would have told him to go and find a good doctor. However this phenomenon was not new to me, I have been able to influence my future with fantastic results, and it did imply that the past had to be changed for these results to come to fruition.


Of course, I had to be left in the dark about that past. Only what I did not know about could still be changed, or else I would have known something was not quite right with reality and I would have freaked out. Despite this little paradox, the past can change and you can witness it, although it is hard to remember.


Can we change the future? I would say yes. Can we be certain that we have changed the future? I would say no. And that is the first law of changing timelines. You can never be certain if the results are not just a string of wild coincidences even when the results could only be described as a miracle.


It is only by convincing yourself that you had anything to do with the results, that you in fact influenced them, that you can be convinced that it works wonder. Certainty has a big part to play in order to change your timeline. If you are certain it has changed, if you are certain an outcome will happen, then it will most likely happen. If you have any doubts, even a slight one, it might not work.


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The world of statistics and probabilities


There is also the realm of statistics and probabilities to be considered. For example, how probable is it that you could win the lottery? We tried and we failed. Though it is not excluded that you could succeed in time if you were to develop a strong discipline, since my correspondent did succeed in getting all six winning numbers of the 6/49 lottery on a sheet of paper, 20 minutes before they appeared on the TV. However he did not buy the winning ticket in that instance.


Another example. How likely are you to become a successful writer if you have never even written a book? This looks very unlikely. If for instance you have already written a book, then the probability of becoming a successful author is likely to be possible and should not require many changes in your timeline to obtain that result.


How likely are you to lose weight overnight, stop drinking, smoking or taking drugs? These are different issues which need to be taken from a different angle. What would make you lose weight in time? What would make you stop smoking or drinking? This is where you need to work on these problems. Would money help you do these things? Would meeting the right people who went through this and know the solutions to your problem something that could make you stop? You then need to wish for money or meeting someone who will change your life in order to tackle your other problems you wish to change.


You need to be realistic in the deadline you give yourself for something to happen. Losing weight takes time, it is de-motivating, it is hard. You then need to wish for a starting event which will change your mind and get you through this long process successfully.


Something important to consider about probabilities. There are too many variables to be considered to start to work out what are the probabilities of an event. With lottery it is simple, you have one chance out of 14,000,000. But it is not true. There is in fact a 50-50 chance you will win the lottery when it comes to changing your future. You either win, or you lose. This is what is so wonderful about all this.


What are the chances that a company from L.A. will contact me and offer me a job? And suddenly learn that they have to sort out my visa, and still want to employ me after that? I would have said zero two weeks ago, or at the very least one chance out of a billion. In reality, it was 50-50. There is a 50% chance that a company will contact me and offer me a job out of here, or 50% chance that no company will contact me. This is quite important to understand.


Results are too wild and improbable for you to start thinking in terms of real probabilities and statistics. Once you start trying to change your future, it works beyond hope, beyond statistics and probabilities. In fact, thinking too much about probabilities could lead to failure. You could start believing that it wonít happen, since it is so highly improbable. You are dealing with accomplishing miracles here, get rid of anything that could prevent you from believing you can achieve them.



Two possible ways to change the future


There are two ways to change your future. The first one is to keep your timeline as it is, and whenever you reach a crossroad, you can be convinced you will take a certain path. In this case, you simply do not see the other path anymore, it does not exist. It is like your timeline is continuous in one direction only.


The other way is to change the past and find yourself in a completely different timeline. Perhaps in that new timeline you could be thin and never had to worry about being fat. This is something I might have experienced, although it would be difficult to know since I would not remember the other timeline, the one in which for example I was fat. It is hard to tell if such changes in your timeline are possible, but my friend claims it is.


How can you change your past? I will get to that later on in my correspondence with my friend. How would you know something has changed? You will have to be observant, and then you will soon realize that something is different. Buildings that are now there on your way to work, you will feel were not there before. Some plants somewhere, you will think, were never there yesterday. And I have not experienced this myself, but my friend has: you could lose things like keys, or misplace them. As if in a different timeline your habits were a bit different or you never bought that ashtray you despised so much.


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Seven ways or methods by which you can change your future


There are seven ways I can think of to change your future. They all work to a certain degree, some bring a very high success rate. There are perhaps more ways, this list is not exhaustive, but here are the means that I have identified so far and I will review them all in this report:


1) Hard work and radical life changing decisions you could take without hoping for any external help

2) Prayers, Chanting your way to success

3) Hex, Black Magic, Sorcerers, Rituals

4) Psychic Mediums

5) Psychologists, Spiritualists, Motivators, Training, Therapy, Changing your Life through feeling better

6) Technology, science fiction

7) The best way to change your future: just wish it, be convinced and it happens


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Hard work and radical life changing decisions you could take without hoping for any external help


There are many ways for you to change your future. The easiest way I suppose, which does not require a miracle or some sort of paranormal phenomenon or even a time machine, would be to identify what it is that you wish to achieve and find the solutions or the actions you could take in order to get closer to your goal.


Sounds easy, doesnít it? I know I wish to become for example successful at work. Simple, I should work 80 hours a week instead of 40, I should be able to get things done that way. Surely this would bring great results. I wish also to become a successful author, recognized everywhere in the world. Simple, I just have to send my books to publishers, that would be an obvious first step. In fact, playing around with trying to change my future, taught me what my goals were and how easy I could just work harder to reach them and to make my dreams come true. But it does not work like that.


Iím lazy, Iím overworked, Iím tired. I donít have the time to print these books and send them to publishers, especially when I know my books would be rejected. I donít want to work 80 hours a week and kill myself in the process in order to have more successful products and look good to my bosses. I want it to happen almost by miracle, without effort, so I can still have a life without being obsessed with success.


On top of this, I have learnt that to be successful socially is perhaps not my main goal, it would only alleviate the pain and suffering which failure can bring. My main goal ultimately is to find some freedom to think and write, be isolated somewhere far from big city centers, get back to a life where stress does not eat me alive.


If I was really serious about reaching my goal, I would quit my job, sell my stuff, go back to the North of Canada and get myself on social securities. Or at least find a job with not too much stress where I would have nothing to do all day. Perhaps even I could have the time to think and write. I have thought about the perfect jobs for me, but I have never acted upon these dreams. I could not really do this, it is not practical. I cannot just give up my life, my circumstances and disappear from the face of the earth.


So on one hand I know what my dreams are, on the other hand I am not willing to do anything to make them come true. Why? Because I need 100% commitment and determination that this is the right decision, and I donít have that at the moment. I would need to be ready to sacrifice everything on a whim, while it could lead to a huge mistake. I am not even talking about how my family and loved one would react, they will again say I am crazy, I am a dreamer and that I act irrationally.


I guess you have guessed that I did make these radical decisions before, where I sacrificed everything for my dreams, and in fact, I did reach my dreams to a certain extent. I am a published author, I have worked in television and cinema, I am living in London, I have a great CV. None of that would have happened without hard work and crazy overnight decisions like moving to Europe.


I wanted to go to Paris very badly when I was living in Ottawa. Did I drop everything and just bought a ticket and try to survive there? No. I applied at the Sorbonne and a few months later I was accepted. It made it much easier and acceptable to my family for me to move to Paris. I got all the help I could get, including a visa to remain there for a year. Without it, I would have been an illegal immigrant in Paris, not exactly the dream I was hoping for.


For many years now I wanted to move to L.A. Did I drop everything and told everyone I was leaving for Hollywood to pursue my dreams, like so many actors and writers did before, only to come back empty handed? No. I had my CV on all these job websites and out of the blue a company wanted me, and now I will be there for a good reason, which makes it all much more acceptable to everyone, including myself.


Something external to me, changing circumstances, made it more acceptable for me to move on. I wished for something to come and rescue me, something to happen, anything, and it happened. I was accepted to study in Paris, I got a job offer in L.A. Without that, I might have never left for these cities, or it could have been a disaster.


This is why most of us just donít act upon what could make our dreams come true. The circumstances, the family, the psychological barrier in front of the enormity of the life changing event, all this is frightening. Some of us are adventurers, they can change their life overnight on a whim. We can only admire them for that. In my case it is not that easy anymore.


Events and circumstances almost need to happen without you having to do anything about it from your perspective. We cannot simply turn around, work harder and sell one million more of something. You need to wake up tomorrow and out of the blue a rich company decided to buy a million more of that something. Your boss might hate you, you could try to change his mind about yourself, make him see you are worth it, but you probably would not succeed. Something external to all this needs to happen, and suddenly your boss sees you in a different light, almost by miracle.


This is what I mean by changing your future. Not by hard work, or changing your very nature that we know by now is unchangeable. But by weird means which can actually influence the reality around you at a level beyond your understanding. There seem to be some laws of nature that makes this possible somehow, and perhaps one day we will be able to explain it from the point of view of science.


After all, Einstein proved that matter and energy are the same and are interchangeable. We also know that the whole universe is connected through electromagnetic fields, with positive and negative poles, and that we are interacting and are connected with everything everywhere without knowing. If all is energy, and if we can influence all that using the energy of our brain, perhaps somehow we can change the configuration of the universe at will by thought alone.


Not only that, Einstein also proved that time and space are relative and are therefore changing all the time. Or at the very least, we could presume that nothing is sets in stone. The past, the present and the future can change, it is perhaps continually fluctuating.


Psychic mediums appear to prove that we can play with that, that we have some means to change our lives, to have an effect on our future. And they are not the only ones preying on you, there is an army of people out there who knows you have all the potential in the world to change your future by will alone, and they will ask something in return. Which is why my last solution for you to change your future below is the best option. But letís review the others first.


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Prayers, Chanting your way to success


Praying is probably the most common way people use to try to change their future. You pray for something to happen, you ask someone else, like God, saints, angels, dead loved ones, to help you with certain tasks or important events in your life. This does not bring a high success rate.


First, you donít convince yourself it will happen. You wish it to happen. You then ask someone else for help, you do not yourself think you can achieve it on your own. Finally you are asking for a miracle, and by definition, you are convinced miracles are exceptional events which rarely happen. Be aware that you need to convince yourself of an outcome in order to succeed.


For example, you might want to try to cure a little girl suffering from some disease. Donít get me wrong, rally 500 people to pray for her, every day, for many months and years, and you will probably succeed in curing her (this happened for real to my friend, incurable disease I might add). In the final analysis, this is a lot of energy and concentration that could have been used for curing the whole planet, while using better methods to reach your goal.


In Buddhism they chant their way to success and many claims it does work very well. I should think the success rate is higher, since you are basically convincing yourself that something will happen, and chant for it to happen. Perhaps the vibrations caused by the chants help somehow in changing the configuration of the reality surrounding you. I have a very limited experience about what they do, so I wonít develop this further.


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Hex, Black Magic, Sorcerers, Rituals


My friend who contacted me said he had great results using these methods. In reality this has nothing to do with the devil or any sort of dark force. It is simply another way to convince yourself you will achieve great results in what you are trying to change or achieve in life.


I would suggest that the ritual itself makes it more serious in your mind, you are concretely working on the problem, you are definitely going to change something. You are convinced it will work because you did your little ritual, whatever it may be. This has a high success rate, and I am not certain at this time if it could be the highest success rate achievable.


Since I have been quite successful myself without using it, I suggest it is not necessary to get into all that. Especially that it becomes cumbersome. Rituals require time, preparation, psychological preparation, objects, etc. It can only be done a few times before you begin to tire of all this and decide not to do it anymore, assuming you even have the time.


Also, you could believe that you made a mistake in the ritual, and that perhaps it wonít work. You could destroy your faith in the changes if you were to start thinking that you did not use the salt this time, or did not have candles, etc. You would probably also frighten everyone around you if you were to mention you are into that kind of thing. You would not feel good about yourself.


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Psychic Mediums


Now, psychic mediums can also bring a high success rate if you can find one who is actually connected and has a great capacity to be precognitive, great intuition and can feel whatís going on in your life and the realm of possible futures for you.


When a medium tells you that you will meet someone tomorrow, and you have great confidence in that medium, you are in effect convincing yourself that you will meet someone tomorrow, so you make it happen. At this point there is not even a need for the medium to have foreseen it, there is no need for this possibility to have existed before it was mentioned by the medium. You create a new timeline in which someone will come into your life.


If there are many possible futures for you, it is difficult for any medium to guess the probability of each one of them. Not only that, could the medium open your eyes to a possible future you did not think of, but could become a reality? That is called creating new timelines, something you could become good at if you have a good imagination or learn to develop it.


There is no denying that mediums can cure people, heal physical or psychological wounds, tell you about your possible alternate realities and suggest you do certain things differently in order to achieve your goals or your dreams.


I wonít discuss here how they achieve that, however it is likely that while using any method given to you in order to change your future, you are perhaps trying to reach the same powers of a psychic medium. You are trying to see the past, predict the future, change certain elements of it since the timeline is always fluctuating in time, and ultimately these are the basic powers of psychic mediums. They are just more successful at it, but, like you, they can be mistaken, they can see future that wonít exist, they might not see as clearly as you can yourself.


I would suggest that you study what it is that psychic mediums can do in order to try to reach, even slightly, some of their aptitudes. However I would not suggest you to go to them in order to change your future. Why? Because it is not necessary, you can achieve that on your own without any training or books to read, apart from this report. And if the psychic medium is wrong twice in a row, which is quite normal, you would quickly lose faith.


And again, you depend on someone else to help you, you are not trying and convincing yourself that you will succeed in changing your future. You donít go there asking to meet someone, you go there to find out what could possibly happen. Not a great way to achieve your goals if you cannot ask for something to happen that will rescue you.


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Psychologists, Spiritualists, Motivators, Training, Therapy, Changing your Life through feeling better


There are out there many psychologists or doctors, spiritualists, motivators like Tony Robbins, even nutritionists, who will tell you that by eating better, doing some exercise, thinking positively and changing your perception on life, might make a big difference to your success.


Meditation, relaxing, thinking of a better world and convincing yourself that you are a success instead of a failure, will make all the difference for you. They may also suggest hypnosis, auto-suggestion, in order to help you to convince yourself that you can achieve whatever you want.


Even though I would like to tell you that this is all wrong and just a big waste of time and money, I canít. They are right in everything they say and you will quickly feel better about yourself, learn to think positively, and then positive things will start happening to you.


They are doing the same thing as I suggest you do in my final method of changing your future, though they are taking the very long route. Therapy, training, courses, writing stuff down, changing your whole life from A to Z.


You should only need to take this route if somehow you reach a complete breakdown or depression in your life. Where you need to rebuild your confidence from zero after a string of spectacular failures. It is a bit like my first method of changing your future, all by yourself, except that you get the professional help to guide you.


And then, you might wish to choose the people who really can help you at a high success rate. If it is only nutrition, or building confidence, it is not enough. They need to talk about changing your future for the better and how you can convince yourself you can do just that.


The process or plan they will put together for you, will also look much more natural, like if nothing like a paranormal phenomenon or miracle will be occurring. And in time you will change your life. It might take forever though, and you might get lost along the way, lose perspective and let go of it all.


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Technology, science fiction


At this time I am not aware of any technology that could give you the chance to send a message to yourself in the past or to an alternate version of you in a different timeline. There could be wormholes or inter-dimensional windows out there, natural phenomena, but I would not suggest you pursue that since you will be wasting a lot of time for results that are not guaranteed.


Going into the past, traveling in time, though we have heard that some people appear to be able to do that with technology or via a natural phenomenon, seems quite unlikely.


Could we develop the technology one day that could help us? Science fiction seems to take it for granted, and it usually turns out in time to be true. I would venture to say that it is possible, it might even already exist, but it seems out of our reach.


How would it look like? Iím not sure, might be some technology we have not thought of yet, that future discoveries might bring us. It might play with high magnetic fields to help our brain to relocate itself in space and time, distort it somehow. But the effects on the brain are not well known yet.


High magnetic fields can create hallucinations, create voices out of thin air, help you see ghosts, etc. Ultimately it could help you disorient yourself enough for you to believe you are in a different timeline and help you stay in that timeline.


We are playing on dangerous grounds here. The frontier between sanity and insanity. Though changing timelines or your future also play on the edge of that frontier. If you feel you can change your future, to suddenly become successful, if you feel somehow that some elements of the past have changed in order for this to become a reality, then you are talking about changing the configuration of the universe, or at the very least, of your own universe.


It is all perspective, point of view and frame of reference. At which point you can wonder if reality is real, or if perhaps it is just a dream world, a virtual world like a matrix. And you can change its configuration at will.


There are many ways of interpreting the phenomenon of changing oneís reality. Religious, science, science fiction, spiritual, psychological, etc. We are all talking about the same thing, it is useless to limit ourselves or be stopped by vocabulary. So even though I donít particularly accept that God truly exists, as I consider this a mere hypothesis, I would not be stopped from listening to people who speak about changing the future in terms of God making those changes. In my mind I simply switch the word god to destiny or some other unknown phenomenon. The same goes for science fiction. If you speak in terms of matrix and virtual computerized world or programming, this is equivalent to Godís creation. And I have to admit that if reality is similar to dreams, then it is all imagination indeed. And you can dream yourself a better reality if you wish so.


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The best way to change your future: just wish it, be convinced and it happens


My method is the simplest and it works. I can explain it to you in a few sentences, and of course I will develop it further. You could also choose a mix of my method and some of the other ones above, it is your choice. Whatever works best for you, this is the way to go.


Try me method, and I am certain you will quickly see the results. It is fascinating, it will look like a miracle, even though it will be completely detached from religion, spirituality, science or black magic.


Start with something small, even though you can go for it and wish for something huge, it makes no difference. You want to be more successful in your job, you want something to happen that is not highly improbable (like a huge promotion whilst nothing suggests it may happen any time soon), or a friend or family member with whom you had a miscommunication, calling you back to resolve the problem.


Wish it, repeat to yourself it will happen, that your future will change for the better, that the elements are already in action to change everything, the past, the future, the mind of others, the events, etc. Convince yourself it will happen, especially in bed before falling asleep. Repeat to yourself, almost like auto-suggestion, that it will happen, something great will happen, something will change, this person will contact you or something else will happen to make you a happier and more successful person. Repeat to yourself that the event will come true, it has already come true, you are convinced it will happen, you have no doubt about it. And the next day, or during the week after (set a likely deadline and repeat that as well), it will happen.


Does it sound too good to be true? Try it. It works wonder, as long as you are capable to convince yourself that it will happen. If you have any doubt, it wonít happen. Make it happen, think it, create your new reality, see the changes the next day by observing around you. There will be changes, you will be wondering if this was like that before, if perhaps it has changed or you were simply not very observant before (which is quite possible, we are not by nature very observant, but you should learn to observe better so you can notice the changes better).


I am telling you, as extraordinary as it seems, you have quite a potential in your mind to make the weirdest things come true. And the vaguest you are in your wish, the better the chances something great you would not have thought of will happen.


You could just, for example, wish for something wonderful to happen which will make you happy. You can repeat that to yourself all day long and in bed before falling asleep. And the next day feel that something is changed, that things are different, that this wonderful thing will happen. And see the results. It is amazing and it will change your life. No need for god, religion, spirituality, psychologists, motivators, rituals or time machine. Just wish it, convince yourself, and see the results.


This is what all the groups above have been exploiting in you, that potential you did not suspect existed within you, which is much easier to reach than you would have first thought. No need for meditation, relaxing, prayers, even though all these methods might help you. Just forget about it, keep it simple. Tell yourself things will change, without you having to do anything about it, and the circumstances will change and you will feel much better about it.


I could now tell you of ways to maximize this, like getting yourself into some sort of trance, looking far away in the distance as somehow it seems to have helped me, however this is not necessary. It is not keeping this simple and it would not impact your success rate. Keep it simple. Wish it, convince yourself it will happen, see the results unfold before you. That simple.


Anything else I would say might destroy your success rate. Might complicate matters and ultimately render the whole idea useless. You donít have to think about changing the past, it will change accordingly to fit your new configuration of reality. You donít need to try to get into communication with other versions of yourself in alternate timelines, or on a fluctuating timeline, though this is probably how you can get to this intuition, this feeling of dťjŗ vu, this knowledge of the future or possible futures, and what not to do to follow the wrong path at any crossing where reality could split into two or three different outcomes. Donít bother with all that, since it is all conjecture. Keep it simple.


Warning. This works, there are no two ways about it. You can experience it for yourself and, before the end of the week, perhaps tomorrow, you will have a good feeling that this is true. The warning is that others know it works, and they might take advantage of you in order to gain something from you. Whether it is money or power. Donít be a victim, try it for yourself and you will quickly realize that the other ways, and help from others, whatever their background, is not necessary.


Only you exist in your bubble universe, in your frame of reference, and everything else outside that bubble is like a dream, a virtual reality. It can be changed at will, even if it is on the other side of the planet and you feel you have no reach in this matter. Wish no war in Iraq, wish no 9/11, and you could find yourself in a timeline where these events never happened. It would still have happened in other timelines, for other people in their own bubble universe, but not in yours.


But I suggest you start slowly, with simple future events that are possible within your immediate future, and a direct concern of yourself or people close to you. Pay attention to your surroundings, observe as it changes with your wishes, and you will in time convince yourself that you are changing things, sometimes on a massive scale.


I cannot at this time explain this phenomenon. I can try, it will always remain hypothesis, possibilities. All I know is that I have experienced it beyond any hope, and others I have told about this did very well too.


And now I am sure I have left you with a wish to know more about this. To see practical and spectacular examples of these results. I could tell you that I have turn my failing conferences into successes at work, and that required a miracle in itself, and that my miserable life is now about to change beyond any hope, as my dream to move to Los Angeles just came true, something that statistically speaking is simply impossible. However I have more to offer you than just these quick examples. You can read here my full conversation with this new friend of mine with whom we discuss in details our experiences.


One thing I am asking from you, please let me know how successful you are at this and any detail about how you achieve it. There are many ways to reach your goals, I donít pretend to have all the answers. Only through analysis of your own experiences will I be able in time to explain this phenomenon and the underlying natural laws of physics that can make this possible.


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Be careful what you wish for, it might come true



If you are not adventurous enough normally, how would you cope if suddenly an opportunity arises? It is one thing to wish to be rescued and another to face the consequences when it comes. Hard decisions would have to be made and you need to be prepared to make them. However, you can always turn down the opportunity, it would have at least made you understand that you did not wish those dreams after all. And then you need to find other goals to pursue.


Your nature does not change, you are still virtually the same person from one timeline to another. It begs the question of why you were so successful in one timeline, but not in the other, if you are sensibly the same person. Perhaps circumstances were different in that other timeline, luck was on your side. In any case, you will go through a significant change in your life and you will have to adapt, whatever it is that destiny will drop on your head once you start wishing for your dreams to come true.


If you wish for something to change, and suddenly you notice many other changes around, did you have an impact on the timelines of many other people? Are there any unforeseen consequences? Well, yes, but only from your point of view. Everyone else around you has been living in that timeline forever, as far as they are concerned. They have their own timelines to deal with and might be far away already from how they are presented to you in your actual timeline.


If you wish for example that 9/11 never happened, and you wake up in a world where it has never happened, this timeline will be quite different. As a consequence the President and Prime Minister might not have won their second mandate, they might never had a first one, and that is just the beginning of it.


Everyone only perceives the world from their own point of view, only them exist in their actual timeline, no one else. In my actual timeline, my dad is an engineer. In his own timeline, he is perhaps a successful author. There are many versions of him out there doing many different things. And his own life and timelines have nothing to do with where I am now and what I am doing. We are quite disconnected in fact. So in the end, only my own timeline counts, what he is from my own frame of reference, in my actual timeline, though his life must be quite different, and I must be many other things from his point of view that I never actually even considered in my actual timeline.


What else would have changed? It does not matter, because from your point of view you will not remember the world with 9/11. You might want to wonder though if the world might be a better place with 9/11, if for example, the consequence of the downfall of Iraq and Afghanistan might prevent a third world war. It is the old paradox of if Hitler did not exist, and the Second World War had never happened. Thirty years later we might not have been here to talk about this today, as we might have destroyed ourselves through nuclear weapons in the meantime.


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Is there a pay back time?


My friend is convinced that for everything he gets through changing his timeline, has to be compensated by something else he loses. I donít think this is so. I have not lost anything, as far as I know, that I wanted. In any case, I could wish to have it back if it was the case.


It has to be said though that if you switch timelines, things might be different. You could have lost certain things as a consequence. But this is not like saying: when you gain something, you must lose something as punishment or compensation. This is a very religious idea, you get something from God or the Devil, and in return you have to give up your soul or freedom. I donít believe this, I have not experienced any of that.


Though I warn you that if you think like that, it is most likely that you will lose something, because it is like wishing for it to happen, and hence, it happens. If you feel you have to give up something in order to get something else, that is your prerogative and it will happen. I say it is not necessary and you would lose something for no good reason. It works without that kind of pay back time philosophy.


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Are we really talking about switching timelines here?


I mentioned earlier on that there are many ways to change your future and each one of them have developed their own vocabulary to describe this process. Karma would be one of them. Destiny or fatalism as well. In science you would talk about switching timelines, in religion you would talk about making your life better. And spiritualists would talk about changing your life with the help of guardian angels and even God.


So you could wonder the need to talk about timelines and changing your past and future. In fact there is no need to talk in those terms. From your point of view, you only need to tell yourself that you can influence your future, and you can convinced yourself that you can and have changed it. Repeat it to yourself as a real fact and it will happen. That is all.


You might not actually be changing timelines, you donít really need to look for other changes around you. The fact that we are able to observe these changes is perhaps that we were not very observant in the first place. It is perhaps just a question of confidence in yourself and what you can achieve.


You can make it happen, even if external events that you feel you should not have any control over, appear to be affected to make it come true. It is perhaps that you are more connected to your environment globally than you ever thought possible.


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Correspondence with a successful timeline switcher


Read my conversation with X to know all about where all this comes from and understand to which degree of success we were able to change our future:




(Coming soon at a theater near you! Just jokingÖ coming here soon.)


(And remember, if any of this changes your life, youíve got to let me know, so I can claim 10% of your fortune. Just joking. Just let me know so I can be motivated to write a book about it, and include your experience in it, if you allow me.)


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